Biscotti vegani integrali con glassa reale … la ricetta √® anche in italiano ūüėČ
I have been searching for something different to cook for Valentine’s Day with Whole Grains and without dairy. Being intolerant is not easy, especially if you are a sugar addict like me! Dietary restrictions can be challenging when it comes to desserts, but I created a wonderful list of rich desserts that can be made easily. Today, I added a new pastry to my list!
The cookies I made for Valentine’s Day are dairy-free, egg-less, and vegan. I am not a pastry chef/ non sono una pasticcera, but I like experimenting with new flavors. Here is the recipe for ten medium-sized cookies:

  • 122 gr of Whole Grain Flour/ Farina integrale
    4 gr of Hazelnut Flour/ Farina di noci o nocciole
    64 gr of Margarine / Margarina vegetale
    5 gr of potato starch/ Fecola di patate
    3 gr of Almond milk/ Latte di mandorle
    28 gr of Agave/ Agave
    24 gr of Sugar/ Zucchero
    3 pinches of Ginger/ Zenzero
    6 gr of Cream of Tartar/ Cremortartaro


  • 130 gr of Powdered Sugar/ Zucchero a velo
  • 14 ml of Almond milk/ Latte di mandorle
  • 1¬†tablespoon agave/ 1 cucchiaio di agave

It is so easy!
Preheat the oven to 180¬įC. Leave the margarine out of the fridge 30 min or more. When the margarine is soft add all the ingredients in one bowl and mix with your hands. When the dough is soft and homogeneous, form a ball. Just roll it out and use the cookie cutter you want!
In a small bowl, stir together the ingredients until smooth. Add more sugar or Milk if you need it. The consistency should be suitable for decorating cookies so not too runny.It is so easy!
√ą facilissima! ¬†Lascia la margarina per 30 min fuori dal frigo e preriscalda il forno a 180 ¬į. Una volta che la margarina si √® ammorbidita,¬†aggiungi tutti gli ingredienti in una ciotola e amalgama con le mani. Quando la pasta √® morbida, omogenea e liscia forma una palla. Stendila su un piano e utilizza gli stampini per dolci che preferisci per tagliare la pasta.
In una piccola ciotola, mescola insieme i tre ingredienti fino ad ottenere un composto senza grumi.


wow these cookies are do die for!! Seriously they look like the perfect dessert to have after your valentine’s day meal. You made such a lovely post and the pictures were incredible. Thanks for sharing.