The Portrait Collection start at €500 for an hour. Discounts are available below and on my Instagram page.

The Elopement Collection starts at €1500 for three hours.

The Intimate Wedding Collection (max 10 guests) starts at €2100 for three hours and 30 minutes.

I apologize, but I do not accept weddings with more than 10 guests. This is a very recent change in my business and will start from 2019 wedding season.

All collections include high resolution edited digital photos available to download from a personal gallery.



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Can you provide a package with 2 hours for my elopement?

I am so sorry, but I am not able to provide a smaller package. 3 hours is the minimum necessary to provide you the artistic photo story of your Elopement.

I am celebrating my wedding with 14 guests.

I am sorry, I do not shoot weddings with more than 10 guests. This is a recent change in my business and will start from next year (2019 wedding season). I apologize.

I am getting married at night and my wedding is a night event. Would you be able to be our photographer?

I would love to document your wedding, but I am mainly a natural light photographer. I love capturing the most important part of the day with daylight and I am happy to also capture your dance, and cake cute in the evening or night. But I will not be the best choice for your wedding if it is celebrated exclusively at night. Please get in touch and I will be happy to provide a referral.

Can I see an entire wedding?

I am afraid this is not possibile. I am happy to share 40 photos if this can help, but I am not comfortable sharing my client emotional and personal moments with other clients. It is a special event of a couple's personal life.
All my client's wedding photos will be totally protected. I will share no more than 40 photos with future clients and no more than 40 on social media.