Today, I am sharing this wonderful Colosseum engagement session with this fun couple! Joya and Antonio got engaged in the eternal city and soon planning a wedding. How exciting? Joy’s and Antonio “We met in Piazza Santo Stefano in Bologna 3 years ago, and our first date was going out for a gelato. We love traveling and exploring together, and we also love cooking at home together.” Choosing the Colosseum for your couple session “is always a good idea.” At sunrise or sunset the light is always so beautiful and the mastodontic amphitheater always shines with it is beauty. It is a unique background for your memories in Rome. Mornings session during high season are always highly recommended avoiding the crowd and work with a beautiful morning light.

If you are traveling in Rome here is Joy’s favorite restaurants in Rome “for Cacio e Pepe is Felice in Testaccio and favorite restaurant for Carbonara is Trattoria Da Danilo.”

Joy’s feedback “We absolutely love them all!!! Thank you so so much! You are extremely talented, and we are so lucky to have worked with you!”