We had the honor to document this wonderful South Asian Wedding in Dallas. We are sharing today a small preview of the first 2 wonderful days of celebration, and preparing a later preview for the last day. We asked the bride to share their love story with us.
Adela: “We met technically on the first day of college at Baylor University in a dining hall (every love story should start with food), but we didn’t really talk at all… just “hey, nice to meet you” It was through our Biology class that first semester in college where we really got to know each other and became friends.
He proposed on November 19th. He was in Houston for residency interviews, so he asked me to meet at the Houston water wall. When we met up, I knew something was up because he was dressed nicer than usual and he just looked so nervous. (I initially had a feeling he was going to propose but I had felt that way many times before – so I assumed that this was just me reading into things again) We walked around and sat down on a bench, and it was just us there which made the moment really intimate. We talked for a while reminiscing about our time at Baylor and I think when he got past the nerves, he got down on his knee and asked!”
About the henna ceremony
“We had a traditional look for décor. The colors we chose were greens, hot pinks, yellows, really anything bright and festive.”

Adela: “My sister made my outfits for Thursday and Friday. She’s been designing South Asian bridal wear for years, and even though now she has transitioned to American luxury women’s wear it still has a cultural fusion to it. We did the décor to compliment my outfit. Our backdrop was a custom green hedge and throughout the room there were purple and pink hues coming from the flowers and lighting.

Adela: “I really would like to have memories of all moments and emotions… so that when I go back to look at the photos, it’s like I’m reliving the weekend!