Ailah and Sami

Pakistani Wedding in Dallas, TX
Ailah “We were both introduced by my best friend and her husband and during this time Sami was actually living in Houston. Our first date was actually the night of Black Friday in November at IHOP because it was the only place that was open. He would come home every weekend to see me and in less than six months he brought his family to meet mine and we all got along immediately. We got engaged in April and it was a small gathering at my place. He proposed in front of everyone, which I loved because both of our families were there to see. He moved back from Houston to Dallas shortly after because he wanted to be able to see me all the time, not just on the weekends and the wedding planning begun!”

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South Asian Wedding Photographer: Sonya Lalla Photography
Makeup Artist: Cosmeticblur
Hair Stylist: Aysha Khan, Kashish
Wedding Designers: Wedding Decor by FaizaDallas Dream WeddingEvent on your Budget
Venues: Crystal BanquetEldorado Country Club
Bridal Shoes: Gianni Bini
Music: Endemic Entertainment