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My name is Krysten Teague. I will be age 26 on August 20th, 2014. My fiance, David Thiele, purposed to me on August 23 of last year. We were on our first camping/floating trip at Arapahoe Campground in Missouri. We went for a walk one evening around the campsite and river. When we came to the dead end of the road, which was the flowing river and a huge field of nothing but wild flowers. I was telling David to look at a beautiful butterfly. It landed on a weed that looked like a daisy, my favorite and when I turned around, David was on one knee with watery eyes of happiness yet, nervousness and a beautiful ring. He asked me, all choked up, if I would take his hand in marriage and let him prove more than he has been that he wants to stand by my side through the journey of life, and what it brings, good/bad. He promised that I will feel real/honest true love for the rest of my life, no questions asked. Without a doubt I said yes! He put the ring on my finger and held me so tight, yet, so gentle. I will never forget the feeling that took over my body and soul. I was the happiest and safest I ever felt in my entire life. We were on our way to a happy life with each other. Still, strong enough and willing to take on life challenges. Arapahoe Campground staff made us feel really special because they took a bunch of pictures of us. It was the perfect memorable experience that I am lucky to share with all of you.
Well, our story gets better and proves that not only are we grateful enough to find the one we were destined to be with but miracles do happen. Stay positive.
David and I wanted to try something new and took our relationship slow. Needless to say, he did purpose but the night he purposed was our first night of full intimacy with each other. We knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together so, No, we were not protected.
A little history for a moment; a few years before David and I were together, I was having what I thought were normal woman pains that actually led to full removal of my left ovary and a doctor telling me that he was sorry to tell me at such a young age, 21, but I have endometriosis. He did not say that it was impossible to have a baby but it could be very difficult for my body to help bare a child of my own without any complications. I was told to prepare before and contact him when I felt ready then we can try different remedies, multiple options, to help me conceive period.
Going back to the story, David purposed on August 23, 2014. It was a beautiful moment with a great surrounding environment. We then shared our first full level of, “going all the way”. The Arapahoe Campground Staff gave us the pleasure to share our wonderful engagement with others by taking pictures of us then posting on their Facebook and their website. We felt the next step was to start planning our big wedding day.
A few weeks go by, I went to the doctors for more stomach pain and it just didnt feel right. The doctor sat me down and asked how my day was, asked about the wedding, small talk in other words. He finally said it, “Krystin, I’m very happy to inform you that yes, you ARE pregnant!” Better yet, to his calculation, David and I conceived our little one on, August 23, 2014. The evening he purposed which was our first full intimacy with each other. I was speechless! Then mind racing asking myself, is this true? I didn’t know how to be super happy or super scared about possible complications? I had to take a few breaths and remind myself, stay positive and now call David with tears of more joy.
I was put on bed rest for almost seven months but the best news is, I delivered our very beautiful and very healthy daughter, Mia Rose, on May 2, 2014 at 3:16am. Sooner than my due date. It was a good 11 hours of labor and I am thankful it wasn’t any longer. She was 5lbs 9oz, 19 inches long. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. My beautiful peanut, Mia Rose. My beautiful family.
I know everything sounds great and we couldn’t have planned it any better but life will always have a distraction or speed bump. Its up to us to make our road to life smooth again. I can’t explain how happy I am. Just so very thankful that I even get the opportunity to experience motherhood. It’s love hard to describe but it’s different and the strongest love I have ever felt in my life.
Strong love, miracles happening what can go wrong? We have been 100% completely on our own as far as bills and such. Well, unfortunately we had to push our wedding back another year to the date of September 15, 2015. With life’s great new challenges, we are not able to afford a wedding anymore. We can barely afford to even go to the courthouse. We tried to downsize our wedding drastically and are going to try for a do it yourself wedding. I’m a woman and wanting to just have the opportunity to wear a wedding dress on the day I get to marry the man I love more and more everyday. Even if we can only afford go to the courthouse, I’m ok with that BUT I do plan on getting married only once in my lifetime and would like to at least buy, rent, whatever, I really want to wear a real wedding dress on the day we say say, “I do.”
We knew it was going to be tough but not this though. Special formula, vitamins for Mia and finding a diaper she is NOT allergic too has put us back about $500 a month. That is not including clothes or anything special. Just the basic needs for only our daughter. I will say that I do not know how people can afford more than one child? I have also never had so much respect for parents as much as I do now. One kid, three kids, ten kids. Parents are the strongest people I know and my parenthood is just beginning.
David is a great father and fiance. He took on two jobs to keep a roof over our head, diapers on Mia tooshy and food in all three of our bellys. Daytime, he is working in auto parts and night time he took on delivering pizzas for pizza hut. Women are supposed to wait six weeks after having a baby to go back to work. I went to work in less than two weeks after delivery.
I was a waitress for a diner called Tommy G’s for a couple months. Well, here comes another speed bump. Last week I went into work on payday, to pick up my check and all I found were the doors locked and a sign saying they “closed and cannot afford payroll. Sorry.” I had the great pleasure to call most of the workers to inform them especially the ones coming to open and start their shift. The employees were all great workers and we were taken advantage of and lied to. My heart was broken and I was scared. How are we going to pay all the bills this month?
Some say it was post partum but I know it was just life. I have been watching David work from 8am til 10pm 6-7 days a week for months with only one hour break total in the day. When Mia arrived we have never experienced exhaustion as much as we had in the first two months. Him working literally all day and night then me working part time night shifts. We come home, barely have time to say hello before we feed the baby and went to sleep to wake up every 1 1/2-2 hours for more feeding. Joys of parenthood.
Life can have its way of making you work for what you have and want but mainly need just to survive. I have never appreciated life like I do now and need to stay positive but we looked at our financial situation and most likely will NOT be able to afford our wedding on September 15, 2015. So pushing our wedding back yet another year with fingers crossed. It’s sad and I feel so selfish for even getting upset but I feel like when you get engaged, you start planning. We will have been engaged for over two years and still do not feel comfortable it will happen in a year for financial reasons. We put money to the side but something always comes up. It’s the game of life I suppose and we will grow stronger together.
On a positive note, Married or not, David makes me the happiest woman ever and I miss him so much every second he is away.
I want to thank you for taking the time to read my life venting session. I want to especially thank you for this post. It made my week knowing that there will be a happy couple getting married on another’s expense.
Whether we are the chosen ones or not, all I ask is to please go through with choosing a couple. This is a life changing memorable moment that will change lives for the better, put smiles on their face and never forget they were the lucky ones for not just getting a deal but to have the ability to share one of the most important days with family and friends. Thank you again for listening. I actually feel better after writing this myself so thanks again for the opportunity and good luck to you.