How we met

Kelly and Allison met as rugby teammates in the spring of 2010.  They first realized their chemistry at a team outing to the South Broadway Athletic Club to witness the spectacle of amateur WWE-style wrestling.  As most classic love stories do, it all started with a tray full of cheap beer and grown men in sequined underwear!

When it happened

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our Story

To understand better, you could listen to this song… (Sara Barielles- I Choose You)
Kelly and I planned to go to Sara’s concert, mostly because I fell so in love with this song. It’s about being in love and getting married and it could not be more beautiful.  I joked before we went to the show that Kelly was going to propose to me on stage while Sara serenaded us.  So, after the first few chords of the song when Sara stopped to say, “this song is about love… does anyone here have something to say to someone they love?” my heart JUMPED OUT OF MY BODY …only to quickly realize that someone else was getting my proposal. A couple in the balcony got engaged while Sara sang.  I’m sure they’re lovely and very happy together.  And they are the worst. 
Luckily for me though, Kelly is the best.  While the song went on, she took my hand and placed it on the ring box in her pocket.  She hugged me close and told me she had a plan while I wept like a mess. After the show, she drove without telling me where we were going and parked in front of the South Broadway Athletic Club (the site of our very unofficial first date). We talked for a bit then went around the corner to a secluded tiny park. There, after hours of anticipation, she got on one knee and proposed with a beautiful family heirloom ring. 
The whole night was beautiful, and we wouldn’t trade it for a spotlight serenade in a million years!